We offer IT consulting and software development.

We are highly skilled and we can help you put almost anything into practice, but usually it makes sense to focus on the functionalities that deliver the most value to our customer. This has been our core principle and it has made our company thrive and succeed since 2012.

“We work in close cooperation with you, using the technologies that fit your project best.”


Contact us if you’re thinking about developing a new application, web solution or other software product. We’ll advise and help you find out the best way to execute the idea. It could be that there already is a complete solution or some components that could we could utilize. We always choose the technologies to use based on what’s the best option for the project.

Application development

We can develop the application you need, whether it’s a tool to make your business run more efficiently or a software product that you sell to your clients. We can take full responsibility of the project, work with other suppliers or with your own team — everything can be arranged.

“We are really happy with the end result.”
Jani Lampinen / Innovations Agency

Lauri Harpf
Lauri Harpf
CEO & Senior Consultant

A developer who also has the vision and experience to create application architectures. Lauri's experience is focused on web-based applications - he has worked with different layers, from the drafting of the user interface to the database structure. He values automated testing and writing maintainable software. Lauri is also happy to participate in requirement elicitation and project management.

C# ASP.NET Web Api & MVC Entity Framework Azure Java SQL Bootstrap HTML5 React Git
Markus Yrjölä
Markus Yrjölä
Senior Consultant

Top-notch Java professional and architect with extensive experience in various Java technologies. In addition to Java, JavaScript is one of Markus' favourites. He is also always ready to learn new technologies. Markus is often the guy who spots the corner cases and solves the trickiest challenges with stylish code. As an experienced Scrum team member, he helps the entire team raise its performance to a new level.

Java Spring Hibernate JUnit + mocking tools JavaScript React Bootstrap HTML + CSS SQL Node.js
Mattia Denti
Mattia Denti
Senior Consultant

Mattia is happy when he can work together with the client and help them bring most value to their business, but he can also work alone and take initiative to successfully to deliver on a project. He loves to code in his free time and is always improving himself through new challenges. We've also heard that his cooking skills are nearing the same level of excellence as the code he produces.

JavaScript Node.js HTML CSS MySQL Java React Docker Selenium

“The User Interface improvements we wanted were completed smoothly with Acelvia.”
Markko Flores / Aiddo Oy

Case: Aktia

Aktia and Acelvia have cooperated since 2015. Aktia’s main goal is to be the best financial advisor for its clients. To achieve this goal, Aktia constantly develops its services in different channels.  Read more…

"Changing market conditions demand a bank to be agile and to direct software development to the right targets. Cooperation between Aktia and Acelvia has enabled automating and optimizing the card-related customer service processes", comments Hanna Hohteri-Sippel, Head of Cards at Aktia.

Acelvia's developers have created software that improves and optimizes customer service processes. With the help of Acelvia's developers, launching new products has also moved at a faster pace.

Case: Avaus Consulting

Avaus Consulting implements web and mobile solutions for customers operating in different sectors. They face a common challenge; new customer needs appear even when the consultants of Avaus are fully booked. Such situations call for a trusted subcontractor. This is where Acelvia has stepped in, helping Avaus to implement UI's of web applications in customer projects.  Read more…

With clients of Avaus extremely satisfied with the results, the cooperation between Avaus and Acelvia has been a success. "Avaus is among the largest IT consultancies in Finland. We are proud to help them deliver high-quality solutions to a growing customer base.", said Acelvia's consultant Lauri Harpf.

Case: Aiddo

Aiddo used the expertise of Acelvia to improve the appearance of Kiiruna, Aiddo’s family of business document management products.  Read more…

The appearance and usability of Kiiruna were fine-tuned to meet the needs of the customers. "We know Kiiruna to be a technically high-quality product. The user interface improvements we wanted were completed smoothly with Acelvia. Kiruna is now a really attractive product!", said Aiddo's Senior Sharepoint Solution Architect Markko Flores.

For Acelvia, the project was a great opportunity to participate in the development of the promising product. "Aiddo's expertise in Microsoft technologies is outstanding and working with them was simple. We were able to show our abilities and initiate a co-operation which will undoubtedly continue in the future.", commented Acelvia's consultant Lauri Harpf.

The Kiiruna product family consists of three products: Kiiruna Document Assembly Server, Kiiruna Content Management Portal and Kiiruna SharePoint Plugin. They allow composing documents out of components based on the use case, include version control and make it possible to integrate document management processes with SharePoint. More information about the benefits of Kiiruna is available via Aiddo.

Case: Innovations Agency

Pop in a Shop is an event that highlights the boutiques of downtown Helsinki, helping residents discover these small specialty shops. Together with Acelvia, Innovations Agency created a mobile application that brings the shops straight to the mobile devices of residents.  Read more…

A Pop in a Shop mobile app user can search for shops by category or by location. The opening hours are easy to check and some shops also present their products via the application. Finding the route to an interesting boutique is easy as the shops can be displayed on a map. The application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

"We had the idea and knew how we wanted to implement it, but needed additional muscle to develop the application on a tight schedule. Acelvia was a perfect fit. We are really happy with the end result!", said Jani Lampinen, CTO of Innovations Agency.

Open position:
Open position:
Full-Stack Developer

There's always room for one talented developer. If you are looking for new challenges and want to work in a small consulting company, send us a brief intro and CV at

We hope that you:
  • Are able to question unnecessary practices and willing to suggest better alternatives.
  • Have couple years of work experience from development work.
  • Are experienced with some of the following: JavaScript, Java, C#, Haskell, Scala, Ruby.
We offer:
  • A permanent position in a small and successful consulting company.
  • The possibility to influence your assignments. Employee well-being is a priority.
  • Comprehensive health care, dental care, allowance for lunch, and semi-frequent gatherings with nice people.
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